Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Class Gifts

Have you started thinking about what to send for your child's classroom Halloween party? Our school is nut free and discourages parents from sending any baked goods for holidays. It's for the best on Halloween though, they're going to get enough sugar throughout the day as it is. So, I've come up with 11 quick and easy printable projects using toys and treats found at the dollar store. Most of them can be used with toys other than the ones shown in the book, and with 11 different projects, you'll be able to send a different one each year until they are too cool to bring anything...

You can purchase the book and get all of the links for these projects and more here.
Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fairy Things For You to Make -New Book!!

Yay! Fairy Things For You to Make has just been released on Amazon! It features eleven cute and easy projects to help lure fairies into your environment. We show you how to make fairy houses,  fairy doors, twig furniture, a wand and even some fairies. Some of the projects are for outdoors and some are for inside, so you can play year round. Here are some pictures of the projects included in the book. (Click Here to Purchase)

Hope you have as much fun making these crafts as we did, we're off to look for fairies!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bella Sue and the Birthday How-To

The latest installment in the Bella Sue Holidays and Celebrations Series has been published! This one walks the reader through the preparations for Bella Sue's Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party. 
There's cake, pin the horn on the unicorn and a balloon rainbow filled with prizes.
18 pages with colorful illustrations on each page.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Gifts for Kids

Are you looking for some Valentine Gifts for kids that don't include sugar, candy or chocolate? Here are 15 printables for Valentine's Day that are cute, usable, fun and don't include junk food!
Valentine Gifts for KidsValentine Gifts for KidsValentine Gifts for Kids

Valentine Books for Kids

My daughter and I love to write little stories together. She's 4, so hers can get a bit, um, creative. Mine tend to be short and rhyme-y. This is one I wrote that involves a treasure hunt game that my daughter and I have been playing, in different incarnations, for years. It's available for download on Kindle, or any device that has the Kindle app. I view mine on my laptop with the free Kindle Cloud Reader. Here are a few sample pages from the book, Enjoy!
Valentine Books for Kids